Macy's Adds Monthly $2 'Educational Interest' Charge To My Credit Card Bill

An anonymous reader says Macy’s is charging him a pretend $2 interest on his credit card bill and calling it “educational interest.” He says the charge is optional, and you don’t have to pay it if you subtract the amount from your total balance. If you do pay the “educational interest,” Macy’s credits your account.

He writes:

Since November or December 2009, Macy’s has been adding a $2 charge to every bill. Fine print on the back indicates that they will add a minimum interest charge of $2 “in each billing period in which the INTEREST CHARGE resulting from application of the periodic rate would have been less than 2.00.” In other words, even if you pay your bill in full every month, they will add the $2 charge. The catch is that if you notice the charge and subtract it from your total balance due, then you don’t have to pay it. But if you pay it by accident, then they hold the $2 as a credit balance on your account. In other words, you make an interest-free loan to Macy’s.

To get back the $2, either you have to call them or mail back your Macy’s bill (i.e., you’re paying for a stamp in order to get back your $2).

When I called Macy’s customer service about this, they explained that the charge was “educational interest.” I told them to send me the $2 and to close my account.

One lesson learned here is that Macy’s apparently enjoys messing with its customers via silly, condescending ghost-charges.

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