How I Got T-Mobile To Let Me Off Its Pre-Paid Plan

Michael says T-Mobile stuck him with a costly pre-paid “flex” account because he had poor credit. He agreed with the assurance that if he paid his bills on time for a year he’d be able to switch his service to a more reasonable plan. But when the time came, the tele-CSRs denied him. Just when Michael was about to lose his cool, he went into a T-Mobile store for some face time. And the move paid off.

He writes:

I was flabbergasted. Irritated. And completely done with T-Mobile. I started looking that day at other companies. Unfortunately with my credit I had no success, unless I wanted to pay out the butt.

A few weeks ago, I went into my local T-Mobile store, just to pay my cell bill and figured I’d ask about phone upgrades for a flex account. Jeremy looked up my account, and instantly looked back at me and asked “Um, is there a reason you’re still on a flex pay account?” Of course I answered “well, because you guys told me I couldn’t switch over?”

He told me whoever said that was wrong, and looked up what it would cost to upgrade my phone, and switch over the account. I ended up walking out of the store with a brand new MyTouch Android phone, 3G data coverage and unlimited texting all for about twenty bucks more than I was planning on spending for my phone bill. And, my bill is about thirty dollars less than I was paying previously. AND, Jeremy was so kind as to give me the student discount, and set my bill so that I wouldn’t have to pay for a month and a half. So essentially I got two and a half months of cell service.

The beauty of face time is it makes it tougher for companies to mistreat you. How has the technique ever worked in your favor?

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