Gas Station Credit Card Skimmers Were Siphoning $20k Per Day

Police have made arrests connected to a gas station credit card skimming ring that was bilking Northern California drivers for $20,000 a day, reports the Sacramento Bee. 11 credit card skimmers, loaded up with hundreds of credit card numbers from unwary consumers, were found in a car driven by the two men arrested in connected with the scheme, says the Martinez, California Police Department.

The police were alerted to scam when a 7-Eleven employee changed a receipt tape on a gas pump and noticed the fake device. He called the cops, who removed it, replaced it with a decoy, and waited for the suspects to retrieve it.

“We don’t think it’s just these two guys,” Martinez Police Cmdr. Gary Peterson told the Sacramento Bee.

Scammers place skimmers inside gas pumps by using keys (that are easily available) to open the pumps.

Authorities estimate the devices were siphoning $20,000 a day from Northern California debit and credit card holders.

Gas pump ‘skimming’ scheme larger than 2 arrested, police believe [Sac Bee] (Thanks, Craig!)

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