Former Head Of Security At O'Hare Says The Airport's Security Sucks

According WBEZ, the former head of security at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport says security at the airport is “extremely weak” and “easily defeatable.” We suppose he would know.

The former security chief is protesting his dismissal from the airport with a lawsuit that alleges improper firing and slander. He claims that airport bosses are too distracted with airport expansion plans to care about security.

In the eight months that I was the head of security under the Andolino administration, the commissioner of the busiest airport of the world, depending on who’s taking the survey, the busiest airport in the world, never once had a meeting with the head of security for the busiest airport in the world. Never once.

Mayor Richard Daley, who appointed the former security boss, says the man is just “disgruntled.”

Former Head of Security: O’Hare Vulnerable to Attack [WBEZ]

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