Man Arrested For Hanging Eight-Story Ad, Held On $1-Million Bail


Los Angeles has had a problem with illegal billboards for a while, but apparently it’s taking a ban on one type of display advertising seriously. “Supergraphics” are giant outdoor ads that stretch across the sides of buildings and are so big they can be seen from the International Space Station. Last month, the city filed a lawsuit involving several supergraphics already on display. A few days later a businessman hung an eight-story tall one on a building on Hollywood Boulevard, in the line of sight of cameras shooting red carpet coverage for the Oscars. He was arrested and held on a $1,000,000 bail.

Aside from being eyesores for locals, city officials say the giant ads can be dangerous. They’re installed without permits, and if they’re installed incorrectly they can fall on pedestrians or cars. Additionally, they cause a fire hazard by blocking windows.

The paper notes that a million dollar bail seems severe for placing an illegal ad on a building, but the city insists that it’s deserved because of the safety issues and because they sent a cease-and-desist letter and a warning email to the businessman before he put up the sign.

“Businessman held on $1-million bail in supergraphic case” [Los Angeles Times via Movieline]

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