Madden Fans, EA Has Plans To Further Exploit You

EA Sports president Peter Moore, whose Madden monopoly has gamers in a chokehold, isn’t happy with just being the only game in town. According to a Joystiq report on Moore’s statements at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference Monday, Moore said in so many words that he hopes to further nickel-and-dime Madden players with downloadable content.

From the post:

In his eyes, rather than focusing on moving more units which each year’s release, EA Sports should instead be looking at “How do I get an extra $4 or $5 dollars?” from the already existing 6 million person-strong install base. He insisted that, in line with the company’s “Project Ten Dollar” aspirations, digital content keeps gamers from trading in their titles. “It keeps the disc in the drive longer, it stalls trading the game in, it allows me to be able to take further advantage of that consumer over a longer period of time.” We’d like to remind you that Moore was speaking to a group of financial analysts, so when he talked about being able to “further take advantage” of you, he meant it in the nicest way possible. Promise.

Throughout the current generation, the Madden games have always dinged gamers for extra cash to download alternate uniforms, older stadiums — and lately — player attribute boosts. What extras would you like to buy next, Madden fans?

EA Sports supports ‘Project Ten Dollar,’ out to ‘digitize’ Madden consumers [Joystiq]

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