Woman Goes In For Boob Job, Comes Out With "Four Breasts"

No, this isn’t the story of a Martian lady of the night. A 47-year-old woman from Staten Island, NY, is suing her plastic surgeon for a cool $5 million over a breast augmentation procedure she says went so poorly she “came out of that operation with essentially four breasts.”

The patient, who had the surgery in 2003, isn’t just going after the doctor. She’s also named the surgeon’s staff and some web sites that she says referred her to him.

According to the plaintiff’s filing, her breasts now “appear flattened on the bottom with severe swells the size of a softball on top,” and that she suffers from “pain… disability, loss of self-esteem, humiliation and embarrassment.”

The patient even goes so far as to lay the blame for her divorce at the foot of the doctor, saying that she could no longer be intimate with her husband after the surgery.

She’s since had two corrective surgeries, including one with the doctor she’s now suing. But her lawyer claims that the end result was just “implants that slid downward, making her breasts appear even further deformed.”

In terms of a defense, the doctor’s lawyer would only say, “Plastic surgery is trivialized, but the reality is that plastic surgery is just that—surgery. There are no guarantees. What one person responds to, another does not.”

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