There's No Handicap Parking In PlayStation Network

A court in California recently tossed out a lawsuit filed against Sony claiming that their refusal to make their games more accessible to the visually impaired was in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

At the crux of the plaintiff’s failed case was their contention that, because PlayStation allows people all over the world to connect and play games together via their now-repaired PlayStation Network, that virtual world constitutes an actual public accommodation. And as such, it would need to be in compliance with the Disabilities act.

In their filing, they pointed to games like World of Warcraft, which does have adjustable settings for players with impaired eyesight.

The big question is — Can you envision a virtual network that would truly fall under the “public accommodation” classification?

Judge Tosses Blind Gamer’s Suit vs. Sony [Kotaku]

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