US Airways Won't Get Me Where I Want To Go, Won't Refund My Return Flight

Craig at BudgetPulse thought he’d fly down to Miami for the weekend, but ran into trouble when his US Airways flight was canceled due to mechanical problems. Because he had purchased his departing and returning flights separately, he said the airline wouldn’t refund that now useless return flight. He writes:

He said he would gladly refund my flight down to West Palm because of the maintenance issue, but since I booked two one way trips since I was leaving from a different city, and that flight wasn’t technically affected from the maintenance issue, he would not issue me a refund for the flight from Miami back to DC.

Of course I did not understand, especially since my flight back was directly affected by the maintenance issue. I had no use for the flight back from Miami if I could not get down to Florida in the first place.

If you have any tips for Craig on how he might get his money back, please leave them in the comments.

US Airways Screwed Me Out Of Money After Their Plane Broke [BudgetPulse]