School Watched Student On Webcam On Suspicion Of Drug Dealing

Man, I can’t wait to see the “Law & Order” episode they’re going to make out of this. The family who filed a class action lawsuit against their son’s school district for allegedly spying on their son at home through the webcam of his school-issued Macbook has demanded to see the actual photos and other digital records pertaining to the case. The family claims that the school was watching the him on suspicion that he was using and selling drugs. They insist that the incriminating photos caught him … eating candy.

[Student Blake] Robbins told reporters Wednesday that [school administrator Lindy Matsko] didn’t deny confronting him about a picture the webcam took.

The lawsuit filed last week claims Matsko talked to Robbins about “improper behavior” at home, citing images from the school-issued laptop’s camera.

Robbins says officials mistook candy for pills and thought he was selling drugs.

A federal judge ordered the school to stop activating the webcams under any circumstances.

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