Schwarzenegger Sez: Worst Of Recession Is Over

You might not know it because you’re too busy looking for a job, but apparently the worst of the recession is behind us. At least according to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“I believe the worst is over,” Arnie told ABC’s Terry Moran over the weekend. “We see signs of a comeback, but it’s very clear that the comeback is not going to be as quick as we’ve seen in the past. It’s slow, and we have seen in our revenues that there’s more than a billion dollars a month coming in more than we anticipated. We’ve seen that the foreclosure rate has slowed down. We’ve seen that the house sales have picked up. We’ve seen people are getting back to work, especially in the green sector.”

And though it might seem like the star of Batman & Robin is looking at things through rose-tinted glasses, he warns, “The key thing is not to be overly optimistic, just to be optimistic.”

Schwarzenegger says the main priority of right now should be “to create jobs, jobs, jobs. To get the economy back and to create those jobs, because that is the important thing. We in California have a 12 percent unemployment rate, and the faster we get the people back to work, the better it is.”

What do you think: Are we truly over the hump or is it too early to make such a declaration?

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