43-Year-Old Accused Of Seducing Teen Boy Over PlayStation Home

In a scene straight from some horrible, technophobic TV movie, a 43-year-old woman is currently the target of a police search in Oklahoma after she allegedly seduced a 14-year-old boy she met while chatting over PlayStation Home.

The Oklahoma City authorities are on the lookout for Annamay Alexander from Deltona, FL, who they claim first met the teen in question through Home and then began sending him inappropriate texts and messages, including a shot of her in her underwear.

Things then spiraled even further out of control when, according to reports, Annamay drove to Oklahoma in January and met with the boy’s mother… who was understandably peeved. The mom later discovered evidence of her son’s online romance with Annamay, like an e-mail from her that read, “My body is yours to do whatever you want with.”

Did we mention that she’s a married mother of three?

So here’s the question to the parents out there: Does this give you second thoughts about your child’s access to services like PlayStation Home? Or is this just some random, statistically inconsequential incident?

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