Guitar Center Solves Receipt Check Dilemma: Give Receipts At The Door

Tommy reports that he visited a Guitar Center store in Houston, and found what seems like a nice compromise between receipt checking and not receipt checking. Instead of giving out receipts at the cash register, the store gives customers their receipts at the exit, as they leave the store with their merchandise. Since it’s hard to put a Stratocaster in a plastic bag.

I was at a Guitar Center in Houston last night and my friend had
bought something. The clerk checks him out and then says “You can
pick up your receipt at the front of the store.” So we walk to the
front where there is a guy standing, receipt in hand. He looks at
what my friend bought and stamps the receipt. So in order to receive
your receipt, you have to let them check it. Thought it was an
interesting way to get around the whole receipt checking procedure.

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