Who Is The Weird-Looking Guy In This Ad?

If you’ve spent enough time on the Internet without good ad-blocking software, you’ve probably seen the odd-looking fellow on the left. He’s clearly the product of either a very polluted gene pool or a graphic designer with an odd imagination. But why has he become a mascot for mortgage refinancing and other financial products? MainStreet’s Michael Schreiber decided to find out.

Lowermybills.com is owned by Experian, and an Experian PR rep wouldn’t give Schreiber any more information than this:

Thanks for your follow up. As a free online resource for consumers to compare low rates and reduce the cost of living, LowerMyBills.com’s primary concern in designing creatives is capturing consumers’ attention so that we can make them aware of the opportunities they have to save money.

Translated from PR-speak to English by Consumerist’s proprietary Megglefish algorithm, that statement is:

People tend to click on pictures of weird s***, and we make money when they do.

The Weirdest Ad on the Web [MainStreet]

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