Baby Bracelets, Pacifier Clips Recalled Because Lead Is Apparently Not Good For Your Infant

Take a look at this cute little baby bracelet made by Allreds Design (also known as Hidden Hollow Beads) of Utah. It’s the perfect little trinket to bling up your toddler — and give her lead poisoning.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a voluntary recall of baby bracelets and pacifier clips produced by Allreds (scroll down for more pictures). It’s not a mammoth recall – only about 900 units — but it’s been discovered that the metal used in the bracelets and in the clasps for the pacifier clips contains a high level of lead. And just in case you’re not up on the latest in 20th century pediatrics, lead poisoning can really screw your kids up.

Allreds has already received one report of a 10-month-old child who received treatment for elevated lead levels due to their products.

The bracelets being recalled were sold in the following sizes: 0-6 months, 1-4 years, and 4-8 years of age.

Both the baby bracelets and pacifier clips have crystal and plastic beads in various colors with a metal clasp.

The recalled product was sold through in retail stores nationwide from June 2008 through December 2008.

If you are in possession of one of these recalled products, you should immediately take them away from children and contact Allreds Design for instructions on how to receive a replacement bracelet or pacifier clip: (866) 695-3551 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

Allreds Design Recalls Baby Bracelets and Pacifier Clips Due to Risk of Lead Exposure [CPSC]

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