NBC Blocking Certain ISPs From Online Olympic Streaming

If you connect to the internet via Verizon DSL, don’t expect to be able to catch your triple axels in real time. Robin complains she and her husband have been ring-blocked since NBC didn’t put the ISP on its approved list.

She writes:

The hubby and I were trying to watch streaming coverage of the Olympic games (especially since demographics have told them to show Ice Dancing instead of the USA/Canada hockey game…) Last summer games, this was no problem on the NBC website, there were so many to watch. Now, in order to see any live games, you must use one of the providers on the list for internet and log in. AND, although Verizon FIOS is on the list, Verizon DSL is not, so we are screwed anyway. Figured your readers would love to hear about the crap NBC is pulling with its coverage of the Olympic games.

This seems to be a cold and unfair practice. I can only speak for myself here, but if I had to be blocked from watching something, it may as well be the not-quite mesmerizing Winter Olympics.


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