FTD Sent My Girlfriend Wilted Flowers, And Too Few Of Them

Alan said he ordered a bouquet, pictured, from FTD.com, that did not come as advertised. He expected at least 20 stems, but the order only included half that many, plus the flowers were less perky than those pictured on the site.

He writes:

I’ve always been wary of buying things online before I can see them with my own eyes. Especially flowers. This proved true when I ordered an arrangement for my anniversary from FTD.com. What you see is what you get must not apply to the arrangements available on FTD’s website. They’re more like “suggestions” to the local contracted florist making the order.

My girlfriend received her flowers a week before the delivery date(really?) The flowers were described by FTD as a bouquet

“ bursting with spectacular color, ushering in warmth and beauty with each sun-filled bloom! Orange spray roses, yellow miniature carnations and white traditional daisies create a dazzling arrangement set in a clear glass vase accented with a decorative ribbon to make a sweet and stunning gift for your special recipient. “

What she got was a bunch of green leafs and some half dead flowers in a different vase with no ribbon. This is a WARNING to consumers. The pictures on FTD.com is NOT what is sent. I ordered a basic arrangement, and expected to look like the basic arrangement picture. Unfortunately I found out the basic arrangement only has 10 stems(this information is only available as a quick popup while ordering, urging you to upgrade your selection to one of the larger arrangements). The basic arrangement picture clearly has at least 20 stems in it. There is a different picture for each upgraded arrangement. All of them have double the amount of stems than what is actually sent.

Just a warning to consumers planning an online flower purchase any time soon. The pictures are fantasy.

If you suffered any Valentine’s Day failures, feel free to commiserate in the comments.

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