Toyota Pulling Ads Off Of ABC Due To 'Excessive Stories'

Angry about “excessive stories” ABC has aired about Toyota’s recall shenanigans, the company is pulling ad dollars from network affiliates in Southern states and shifting it toward competitors.

The report comes from — where else — ABC News:

The ad agency representing the 173 dealers told ABC affiliates last week that the shift was due to “excessive stories on the Toyota issues.” The dealers shifted their commercial time buys to non-ABC stations in the same markets, “as punishment for the reporting,” according to an ABC station manager.

ABC News and (chief investigative correspondent Brian) Ross began reporting on the problem of “runaway Toyotas” last November in a series of stories that preceded the large recalls ordered by the company, and apologies for quality shortcomings as well as misstatements about the extent of the defects. Toyota is now expected to add the 2010 Prius to its list of recalled vehicles.

Smooth, Toyota. Real smooth.

Toyota Dealers Pull ABC TV Ads; Anger Over ‘Excessive Stories’ [ABC News]
(Thanks, Jack!)