Another Lawsuit Filed Against Biggest Loser Trainer Jillian Michaels

Just a few days after a California woman filed a lawsuit against Jillian Michaels, one the hard-nosed trainers on NBC weight loss hit The Biggest Loser, alleging false advertising for her Maximum Strength Calorie Control diet supplement, a second purchaser of the product has filed a similar claim.

Rather than merely add her name to the existing suit, this newest filing also seeks class action status and uses nearly identical language. Once again, the plaintiff is claiming that she decided to buy Calorie Control because Michaels’ name and likeness was attached to it — only to find (shocker!) that she didn’t lose any weight.

Regarding the first lawsuit, reps for Michaels say they expect she will be vindicated in court.

Another Overweight Woman Sues Jillian Michaels [TMZ]

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