Google Buzz Makes Private Contact Info Public

While Google was busy plotting the beginnings of SkyNet on one front, they simultaneously launched their full-frontal attack on Facebook with the debut of Google Buzz, their new social networking tool that puts status updates right on your Gmail page. And, just like Facebook, Google Buzz managed to completely overstep the bounds of personal privacy.

When launched, Buzz automatically makes you a follower of the people you contact and chat with most frequently via Gmail. But the rub is this — anyone who follows you can see all the people you follow.

So, imagine you’ve been looking for a new job and you’ve been e-mailing Marcie at the new company with your resume and references and whatnot. If Buzz makes you a follower of Marcie, all your friends from your current job who automatically follow you can see you’ve been chatting with the enemy. Now imagine this situation expanded to the even more risky (and potentially risque) realm of personal and romantic relationships. Yeah, you’re getting the picture.

You can go into Buzz and selectively follow/unfollow certain people to avoid this kind of incident, but the best evasive maneuver is to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click “Turn off Buzz.”

WARNING: Google Buzz Has A Huge Privacy Flaw [Silicon Alley Insider]

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