Break Up With Your Bad Big Bank This Valentine's Day

You know what, it’s just not working out. I’m sorry, giant bank, but it’s time for both of us to move on. This Valentine’s Day, it’s time break up with your big bank, and this website will help snip the ties that bind.

You deserve a healthy relationship with a bank that values you as a customer, instead of jacking up interest rates, cutting your HELOC and your credit card, and refusing to adjust wacked-out mortgages. You’re better than this.

The site says,

The big banks are using their market dominance to charge interest rates that are, on average, 20 points higher than the rates of local bank and credit union cards.

The financial industry has gotten so big that their profits now make up 40% of total GDP. They crashed the economy and took trillions of our taxpayer dollars, but they continue to abuse people and lie.

If Congress won’t rein in the bank, we must! End your abusive relationship with the big banks today.

Find a credit union or local bank to put your money into today.

Breakup With Your Bank [A New Way Forward]

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