What's Wrong With Sprint? 148,000 More People Defect

Sprint is always losing customers to Verizon and AT&T. This quarter they lost 148,000 “post-paid” (the opposite of pre-paid) customers. Is it the service? The phones? They don’t seem overpriced.

We’ve never personally had Sprint so we don’t have much of an opinion. In fact, we used to get a lot more complaints about them. Do they just not have any customers anymore?

Sprint lost 148,000 customers after contract-subscriber defections more than offset prepaid gains. Sprint introduced new phones last year, including an exclusive deal to sell the Palm Pre, to keep more customers.

The company said it expects subscriber losses to slow this year. Chief Executive Officer Dan Hesse said he will roll out more fourth-generation devices this year, which give customers high-speed wireless Internet access.

What’s up with Sprint?

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