Customer Breaks Tooth On Godiva Sweet, Godiva Sends Gift

Carla is pretty angry at Godiva because the chocolatier won’t take her complaint seriously. She says she cracked both a porcelain veneer and the tooth underneath on a chocolate covered pretzel last October, and Godiva has told her, “We sent you an apology gift, what more do you want?”

On October 6th 2009, I cracked my porcelain veneer on a Godiva chocolate covered pretzel which resulted in a replacement crown and numerous frustrations in dealing with their customer care department.

In fact, the pretzel was so hard it even broke my tooth underneath! When I checked the canister for the best by date, I was appalled to find no best by date at all!! I emailed the customer care department informing them of my circumstances and was initially impressed with the quick response.

Soon after, I was disappointed to find that my claim, and my request to have my dentist fees reimbursed, was not taken seriously. At one point a rep actually said to me “I see we sent you an apology gift. I don’t understand what else you are looking for.”

WTF?!?! I had reached out many times to follow up and was finally handed off to a supervisor. In speaking with her, she informed me that both my dentist and I needed to fill out an incident report. In that report, my dentist stated my veneer was a “virgin” tooth, in impeccable condition, and should not have broken. I returned the reports in early December and have called this supervisor many times for a response. She refuses to discuss the matter with me claiming cases of this nature must be handled in writing. She also claimed I would be receiving a formal letter from the company explaining next steps. To this day I have not received any letter or a satisfactory resolution!

I work for a packaged goods company and I KNOW we would never treat our consumers this way.

Update: Carla has been reading through the comments and wanted to clarify why she’s upset with Godiva. “I think the point of my frustration was lost in the emotion of my original email,” she writes. Well, I understood her original frustration, but here’s a little more info for the commenters who don’t get why she’s upset:

For the record, if they declined my request for compensation, I would be disappointed but ultimately have to accept it. But by refusing to return my phone calls and ignoring my emails, they have essentially said they don’t care. A simple, direct answer is all I seek.

The apology gift they sent me was only after I emailed and called many times asking for a
status update. Each customer care rep I spoke with claimed they couldn’t help me, that they would escalate my claim to a supervisor, and I would hear back the next day. I never did.

READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING: We’ve got a bunch of live wires in this particular thread, so just to be absolutely clear: Carla never mentioned a lawsuit, and I never mentioned it. Feel free to discuss the general topic of litigation against companies with each other, but don’t attack the OP directly over the topic of lawsuits.

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