Netflix To Stream In 1080p And 5.1… Someday

For those of us who really enjoy streaming Netflix movies through our Xbox 360 or PS3, it seemed like wonderful news yesterday when it was reported that some Watch It Now flicks would be made available in both 1080p and 5.1 surround in the near future. Alas, after some clarification, it looks like only part of this is true.

In a statement released by Netflix, the company clarified that is does indeed intend to bring customers HD movies (at 720p) in glorious 5.1 surround sometime this year, there is no definite plan to unleash 1080p Watch It Now films in 2010.

Xbox 360 users hungry for a taste of streaming 1080p movies can currently feed their HD beast through Microsoft’s Zune store, which uses Microsoft’s Silverlight player.

1080p streaming not coming to Netflix this year [cnet]

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