Google Doesn't Want To Know How To Make Friends With Black People

Yesterday’s Google super bowl ad was a cute story about a guy falling in love with a French lady told through his searches. The trouble is, they showed the autocomplete prompts and, as anyone who has ever used Google knows, the autocomplete suggestions can be, uh, kinda weird. So, of course, some the search suggestions have been edited out. Like one about making friends with black people.

From AdFreak:

If you look closely, you’ll notice that some of the search suggestions that appear while the person types (which can be notoriously bizarre) have been edited out. In this ad, for example, they’ve gotten rid of the “making friends with black people” option. Above, you can compare the suggestions from and from the ad. Hey, what’s wrong with making friends with black people?

Awkward! Oh, before you ask why we even care about this… We just wanted an excuse to point you to Autocomplete Me, which is a collection of awesome autocomplete suggestions. You’re welcome.

Google on fence about making black friends [AdFreak]

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