Blizzard Won't Let My Friend Get His Warcraft Hammer Back

Anonymous writes about his friend who subscribes to World of Warcraft and had his account hacked. He says publisher Activision Blizzard has frozen the account because its rightful owner is in dispute, and thus the friend has now been separated from the virtual hammer he slaughtered many an orc to attain.

I just wanted to point out how much Blizzard is being hypocritical with their new “commitment to account security.”

A friend of mine had an account that he had played WoW on for 3 years. He even ended up getting the Valinar (sp?) hammer that requires a huge amount of effort on his part and trust on all his guild members part. Then, just after he got the hammer, his account got hacked.

When he contacted Blizzard they told him that his account was on hold for “pending litigation” and that they couldn’t return it to him. This despite the fact that he had records and proof that it was his. Notably, he also uses the authenticator software for the iphone, which should make his account pretty much “unhackable” according to Blizzard. Whoever hacked his account was able to change the address and his security questions. His email account wasn’t hacked and he didn’t have any keyloggers or the like on his machine. He asked Blizzard if the pending litigation was against him and they said it wasn’t but that they still wouldn’t give his account back.

My friend has given up and created another account at this point but I don’t feel that this is fair to him at all. He had a huge amount of time and money tied into that original account and they won’t even let him play it.

Anybody out there know a contact that my friend could follow up with at Blizzard to see about getting his account back?

If you have experience dealing with World of Warcraft issues, please leave Anonymous some advice.

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