Report: Apple Offering 15% Buyout For Yellow-Screened iMacs

Gizmodo is reporting today that Apple is offering a 15% “refund bonus” to some customers who return one of the numerous 27″ iMacs with a nasty yellow tinge to their beautiful big screens. iMacs are not cheap, so that’s at least $250 depending on your computer’s configuration.

Still think that the widespread iMac problems don’t exist? After we reported Apple giving UK customers 15% refund bonuses with 27-inch iMac returns, we’ve heard from quite a few readers that Apple is doing the same thing in the US.

15%. Cash. So on a $2000 machine, we’re talking about a $300 apology straight from Apple customer support. From the handful of reader anecdotes we’ve received thus far, it sounds like you need to be a repeat iMac returner who’s dealt with multiple 27-inch iMacs that have been busted in some way (but they may accommodate first time buyers as well, we don’t know). One reader had multiple yellow screens, then received another new model with broken Bluetooth. He took the 15% and just returned it.

One of Gizmodo’s editors had the misfortune to buy one of the affected iMacs, and you can read the whole saga there. Drama! Intrigue! LCDs! Internal memos!

Have you received your own return bonus after an iMac saga? Let us know.

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