You Can't Make A Super Bowl Commercial That Says 'Go To Hell'

CBS told EA it can go to hell rather than use the “provocative” slogan for its upcoming game Dante’s Inferno on a Super Bowl commercial, AdAge reports. The game’s ad will instead inform viewers “Hell Awaits.”

From the AdAge story:

The company, which is making its Super Bowl debut, had to soften the tagline in order to get clearance from CBS. The network determined the “Go to hell” tag was too controversial for the broadcast. “It was deemed too provocative,” said Paulo Ribeiro, account director at Wieden, Portland, Ore. “The final verdict has yet to be rendered, but it is unlikely that we will get [it on the game.]”

This plays into the NFL’s squeaky-clean, post-wardrobe malfucntion Super Bowl imagery, giving the game’s potential players the option of descending to the virtual underworld rather than commanding them to go there. Children everywhere rejoiced at the news, for they remain protected.

Kotaku spotted this embed of the commercial as it was originally intended:

EA’s ‘Go to Hell’ Tag Could Be Cast Out [AdWeek via Destructoid]

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