Newegg's Gift Card Policy Frustrates Pedro

Things were looking up for Pedro. Not only have most people forgotten Napoleon Dynamite and thus stopped taking his name in vain in catch-phrase-employing jokes, but he had a Newegg gift card loaded with the exact amount of a pre-order-only item he wanted. Life was swell right until he was about to check out and discovered Newegg doesn’t let you use gift cards on pre-orders.

He writes:

If you need another reason to hate gift cards, Newegg doesn’t accept them for pre-orders, back-orders, and cell phone orders. That’s fantastic, especially since the only thing I want is a limited edition item that must be pre-ordered that costs exactly what my gift card is for!

The message I’ve attached only shows up once you’ve added a non pre-order item to your shopping cart, so it was pretty much hell trying to figure out why I couldn’t use my gift card. The gift card field doesn’t even come up unless you add something that isn’t a pre-order item.

I hate gift cards.

Whatever is the opposite of an ode is what Pedro just wrote to gift cards. Any suggestions for Pedro to circumvent the policy?