Rip Torn, Fake CEO Of GE, Found Drunk And Armed In A Bank

Rip Torn, who plays the fictional CEO of GE on 30 Rock, was arrested after being found drunk and armed in a bank in his hometown. He has pleaded not guilty, says the New York Post. This sort of behavior is apparently not altogether unexpected.

From the NYP:

Torn, 78, was armed with a loaded gun when he broke a window and entered the Litchfield Bancorp in Salisbury on Friday, officials said.

The actor was so drunk he had no idea he was in a bank, the sources said.

Bank President Mark Macomber told that no one was in the bank during the break-in and that the only damage was the smashed window in the back of the building that Torn apparently thought was his front door.

Yikes. We wonder if he was upset about the Comcast merger.

Actor Rip Torn arraigned in drunken bank incident; pleads not guilty [NYP]

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