Cuisinart Decides Maine's Consumer Protection Laws Don't Apply

Cuisinart doesn’t just ignore consumer protection laws in California–reader Eatswell reports that Cuisinart has decided that the strong implied warranty laws in Maine don’t actually applied to them. Stuck with a non-working coffeemaker, Eatswell wants to fight back.

I contacted Cuisinart about 5 weeks ago about my 18 month-old coffee maker that bit the dust. While the coffee maker had a 12 month express warranty, my state (Maine) has implied warranty consumer protection laws that require the manufacturer to replace or repair the unit free of charge within the first 4 years of use. The customer service rep. informed me, and I quote, “Cuisinart does not recognize Maine’s implied warranty laws,” to which I replied, “Unfortunately, Cuisinart doesn’t have the luxury of ignoring my state’s consumer protection laws. If you want Mainers’ business, you have to comply.” They told me they would refer my claim to their “escalated” department and get back to me, which they never did. Another call placed this week resulted in the same thing.

I took to Twitter to try to shame them into remedying the problem, and so far, their customer service fail includes a social media fail as well. Within 10 minutes of my original tweet, it was retweeted to about 30,000 other people.

Eatswell hasn’t heard back from Cuisinart yet after this Twitter campaign, but is not giving up hope yet.

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