Free "How To Be Invisible" Download In Exchange For Your Email Address

J.J. Luna, a former security consultant turned author, released a guide ten years ago that showed readers how get rid of paper and digital trails. The subject matter is probably a little too paranoid for most of our readers, but it overlaps with issues we talk about all the time here, like identity theft and online security. He’s just released a revised version, so he’s giving away the 2000 edition in PDF format for free. Well, in exchange for your email address.

Obviously there’s something absurd about having to provide personal contact information in order to grab a copy, but you can always set up a single use Gmail account.

On his page, Luna writes, “Although the chapter on air travel had to be changed, and the computer section was updated in the revised edition, most of the information is as valid today as when the book was first released.”

“How To Be Invisible by J.J. Luna” [Dealzon]

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