My Xbox Racing Wheel Broke And Microsoft Demanded I Pay $30 For Shipping

Sagar bought an Xbox 360 wireless racing wheel, which didn’t rumble as it was supposed to. He called Microsoft customer service and says he was told he had to pay for shipping because his console — not the accessory — was out of warranty.

He writes:

I bought a Microsoft Wireless 360 Wheel ~October 27 from Amazon.

Upon opening it on Christmas weekend I discovered that wheel’s force feedback motor was dead.

I contacted Xbox support and after going back and forth with the support representative that just because my console was out of warranty, did not mean my wheel was out of warranty…he finally created an RMA for me. After asking the representative whether or not Microsoft felt that it was ok to allow for a consumer to pay for $30 return shipping on a $100 wheel after less than 3 hours of use, he stated he cannot talk to a customer if a call is being recorded and hung up on me.

I feel insulted by this sort of behavior and expect Microsoft’s call centers to be held to a higher level of quality.

It may be worth a try to return the wheel to the place where he bought it. Any other suggestions?

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