Target Stops Selling Farmed Salmon. Also, Target Apparently Sells Salmon.

Target has announced that, due to love of the planet, they have decided to stop selling farmed salmon. Salmon farms, according to Target’s press release, produce “pollution, chemicals, parasites and non-native farmed fish that escape from salmon farms all affect the natural habitat and the native salmon in the surrounding areas.” They’re switching to “sustainable” wild salmon.

Target says:

“Target strives to be a responsible steward of the environment, while also providing our guests with the highest-quality food choices,” said Greg Duppler, senior vice president, merchandising, Target. “Our guests now have an array of sustainable seafood choices at great prices.”

In unrelated news, sometimes when I’m shopping at the world’s worst Target,

I see random meat-type-products just sitting in the middle of the flip flops and stuff for no reason. That’s why I don’t buy perishable goods at that Target. Your Target is probably a lot nicer, however.

Target Eliminates Farmed Salmon From All Target Stores [PR Newswire]

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