Sears Loses Track Of Inventory, Loses Freezer Sale

Rosemarie very optimistically ordered a new freezer from Sears’ web site. She writes that she had every reason to believe that she would actually receive a freezer on the day she chose–yesterday, Saturday, January 23rd. The site told her that this particular freezer was in stock and could be delivered on the 23rd. Great! Except the freezer somehow mysteriously went out of stock in the next 24 hours, and Rosemary’s delivery was delayed for three weeks.

I have experienced a problem with Sears on line. Tuesday [January 19th] I ordered on-line a freezer that they had for sale for $197. My freezer was giving me problems, so I thought that this was a good deal.

When you order an appliance, they ask your zip code, and then give you a day they can deliver it. They said they could deliver it today, on Thursday, Jan.21 but I wanted it delivered Sat.Jan 23rd and it was confirmed.

I got an email from Sears that it was confirmed. However, yesterday [January 20th] I got a call from their delivery department (by the way this person did not speak english well) and was told I couldn’t get it delivered until February 12th! I asked why, and couldn’t get a legible answer.

So, I called customer service. They were confused too, so told me to call their delivery department again. This time I got another person and she told me they were out of stock, and that’s why they wouldn’t be able to deliver it when I wanted it.

I was angry because no where on that online page did it say that. I then called customer service and cancelled the order.

I wanted to warn other on-line consumers about this. I think it’s best if you do find an item for sale to call customer service and make sure they have this in stock. I did this for a dryer about a month ago and had no problem.

I sincerely hope that Sears at least makes a note about deliveries on items sold. Right now, I have crossed them off my list and will shop around to buy the freezer that I want.

Nice job holding on to those customers you have left, Sears. If you want to order from Sears and would like your new appliance in a timely fashion, heed Rosemarie’s advice.

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