Easter Creep: Now Right Next To The Tampons

At an unidentified drug store last week, reader H. found something strange next to the tampons: a display of Cadbury Creme Eggs. Whoever decided to pair these products together is some kind of marketing genius, considering the kinds of chocolate cravings that some women get during their Special Time. But there’s nothing unusual about having the Easter candy out early. Why, at some Walmarts, it’s been out for a month now.

Speaking of Easter creep, on New Year’s Eve, Patricia spotted this deeply confusing display at her local Giant store. The holidays are melting into each other!

I wait all year for the Reese’s peanut butter eggs to come out, since for some reason they don’t taste the same to me as a regular peanut butter cup. Maybe I hate ridges or something. But does that special candy that you’re waiting for become less special once it’s available for nearly one-third of the year?


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