Best Buy Employee Told Me To Shut Up When I Said I Didn't Have To Show Receipt

Beth didn’t feel like showing her receipt to a New Jersey Best Buy employee who approached her as she left the store on Black Friday.

On her blog, she recounts her face-off against a determined receipt checker, as well as how she got Best Buy to apologize for the fiasco.

She writes:

Now it gets hairy. (Get it, it’s a pun, the guy was bald!) I was asked to show my receipt and I replied “No thank you” and continued to walk. The door guard stepped in front of me. Now I’m carrying a fairly heavy item, a bag with two more items, and I’ve already put my receipt away. Regardless, I generally decline showing it unless I have agreed to do so, Costco and Sam’s have it as a part of the membership agreement. That is my right.

I told the man that I did not need to show him and he replied that I was holding everyone up. I gently replied, “No, sir, you are holding them up.” This went back and forth for what felt like an eternity but was likely less than 30 seconds. It culminated with him telling me to “Just shut up.” I was livid and shaking. I’ve never had a problem with not showing my receipt and especially not after explaining that I know what my rights are.

Beth knew she didn’t legally have to show the receipt at stores such as Best Buy, and cited that post in her complaint.

Consumer Rights [Ramblings of a Pittsburgh Girlie]

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