My Girlfriend Got A Raw Deal At McDonald's

Kain says he and his girlfriend went to an Illinois McDonald’s and were served a raw double quarter pounder with cheese. They snapped this photo with a cell phone camera.

He writes:

I am quite mad at the [redacted] IL Mcdonalds. We go there quite a bit because my girlfriend is rather addicted to their food. Tonight we went in and she orders a double quarter pounder with cheese meal (large sized). We got home and we were talking and eating and she looks down and gags a little and said “Oh my god, Kain look at this, its raw.” sure enough I look over there and the burger is totally raw in the middle. What really worries me is that it wasn’t just one of the patties but BOTH of them that were raw. I wonder how many other people have gotten a raw burger there? I at least have evidence of 2 patties that are raw, it would be safe to assume there are more at least in this run of burgers.

My girlfriend called up the McDonalds and told them that it was raw and informed them it was both patties. They said they were sorry and they gave her a free meal. She then asked what if I get sick? They said oh well call this number if your sick, gave her a number and that was that.

Is this a normal occurance? I have worked in fast food before and where I worked we had to manualy temp the burgers every few hours and we NEVER had a burger this raw. I doubt we will be eating there again.

I have attached a picture of the burger in question taken with my girlfriend’s cellphone camera.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

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