Macy's Does Accept Cash Returns With Receipt

Reader Brian e-mailed with a tip — verified with a call to a Tucson location — that Macy’s does accept cash refunds with receipts, contradicting what Sandy told us — that employees told her the department store doesn’t give cash for returns under any circumstances.

Brian writes:

Macys will give you cash refund within 6 months just bring in the item
and receipt. If it was a gift and you have a gift receipt or no receipt then they will use the CRL ) Customer Return Label and verify the information and issue the refund back as Cash, Credit, Macys Card, etc. It simply depends how the item was purchased. If they have a gift receipt it will be store credit each time in the form of a EX Exchange Card or Gift card which are basically the same thing.

This makes Sandy’s case all the more confusing.

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