Repo Man Accidentally Kidnaps Kid

A San Jose, Calif. woman found out that if you’re late with your car payment and have some bad luck, you could have your child repossessed as well as your car. The San Jose Mercury news reports the horrifying accident in which the repo man accidentally kidnapped her child.

From the story:

Isabel… was late with her car payment.

On Tuesday night, the repo man came.

Trouble was, when he snatched back her 2000 Honda Accord, her 2-year-old son… was repossessed, too. He was asleep in the back seat.

Police say the repo man won’t be charged with kidnapping unless there was intent. Sgt. Ronnie Lopez told the Mercury News:

“They could have obviously been more courteous in notifying her that she was facing a repossession. And it’s clear they didn’t check the car thoroughly before they took off.”

That’s one way to encourage timely payments.

Repo man takes San Jose mom’s car with 2-year-old in back seat [San Jose Mercury News]
(Thanks, Alex!)

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