U.S. Airways Flight 401 Had Passenger Infected WIth Tuberculosis

A tuberculosis-infected passenger flew on U.S. Airways 401 Saturday from Philadelphia to San Francisco, CNN reports. This despite the fact that the contagious and unidentified passenger was listed on a federal “do not board” list.

From the story:

Because the flight lasted less than six hours, the airline has not tried to contact any of the other passengers.

The person was stopped in San Francisco after trying to board another flight for a location outside the country, said Dr. Martin Cetron, CDC’s director for global migration and quarantine.

“We don’t think anyone with active tuberculosis should get on a plane,” he told CNN in a telephone interview.

Stories like this are more common than you’d care to believe.

Tuberculosis patient flies despite being on banned list [CNN]
(Thanks, NORMLgirl!)

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