JetBlue Gives You $400 In Credits You Didn't Ask For

Reader Ryan is happy. He is happy because JetBlue just randomly emailed him to give him $400 in credits he didn’t ask for.

Ryan says:

Our flight on December 20th from NYC to Austin was canceled due to the winter snow here in NYC. We re-booked only to have that flight canceled as well. Eventually we flew out the next day, December 21st.
JetBlue was great during the entire process, very short hold times on the phone, no charges for re-booking, friendly employees, etc. Imagine my surprise when I received the attached e-mail giving us a total of four $100 credits. I never complained to JetBlue as the delays were weather related and not their fault, these credits go above and beyond in my opinion.

We love credits that people don’t have to fight for. Don’t you?
1-14-2010 3-59-41 PM.jpg

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