Verizon Charges You $2 Extra For Detailed Bill

Bob stumbled onto Verizon’s dirty little non-secret — if you want a detailed billing statement with your calls listed, you’ll have to pay $1.99 more a month.

He writes:

I was shopping for a new cell phone today, having lost my previous one. I like the LG Envy2 (which I’m sure I just horribly misspelled with my correct capitalization), but it didn’t seem to be available. I looked at a Droid, of course, but it seemed pretty pricey when I took it for a spin through the checkout process, so I settled for an Envy3 (again, LG, I’m sorry I misspelled the name of your phone. Blame my English teachers).

I did notice, however, for each phone that I priced out (these two, plus a random sampling of others to test this…occurrence…) that no matter which phone I chose, Verizon seems to want to CHARGE me $1.99 per month to receive a “detailed” breakdown of my bill. I’ve got a couple of screenshots here that don’t really shed any clarity on the situation.

Granted, I have yet to contact Verizon to inquire about this (perhaps because I don’t have a burning desire to lose hours of my life talking to CSRs or supervisors who don’t know what I’m talking about), but I wonder if anyone else has seen this and gotten clarity if this means that Verizon can now charge $1.99 per month for details like who I called or who called me, whether it was peak or off-peak, how long I talked, etc.?

As a Verizon owner I can verify Bill’s claim, although I can’t vouch for exactly what’s included in the detailed bill because I’m not enough of an idiot to cough up that fee.