Don't Buy This Stuff In 2010

A SmartMoney story on Yahoo Finance declares 10 products as officially “out” for 2010.

The post makes convincing cases for the obsolescence of DVDs, not-so-smart smartphones, compact digital cameras and, explained below, external hard drives:

Consumers who keep their computers for years and upload thousands of songs, videos, movies and photos will need to get more space at some point.

External hard drives are one option, but an up-and-coming alternative might be simpler and save you another transition down the road. Online backup services, like or, allow users to back up data over the Internet.

These services are more expensive than purchasing an external hard drive, which typically starts at around $70. At, a one-year subscription starts at $54.95, and at monthly subscription costs total $54.45 for a year.

Newspaper subscriptions and CDs, which have been popping up in posts like this for about a decade, are also on the outs, the post says. What do you think will be pointless to buy this year?

10 Things Not to Buy in 2010 [Yahoo! Finance]

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