Device That Turns iPhone Into Universal Remote Coming Next Month

If you’ve got an iPhone, a $50 eraser-sized dongle that snaps on to the bottom of your device could relegate that desk drawer full of remotes to the garbage bin.

The L5 Remote, which goes on sale in February, promises some streamlining magic, High-Def Digest reports:

Customization is key with the L5 remote. The software allows the remote functions to be personalized completely. The L5 can be as simple or as complex as you like. As (L5 president) Wade McNary puts it, “This one small device reverses a long trend toward complexity in remote controls.”

The adapter for the L5 Remote measures an inch and a quarter by just under an inch, and plugs right in to the iPhone’s docking port. After downloading the software, you’ll be guided through a setup process and you’re good to go. The L5 hardware sends out an infrared signal that can control any number of devices at up to a 30 foot range.

iPhoners, what’s your favorite unconventional use for the device?

Use Your iPhone as a Universal Remote Using L5 [High-Def Digest]