FedEx: Here We Are On Day 16 Of A 2 Day Delivery

Reader Chad would like his 2 day delivery to be delivered. Nobody at FedEx can seem to do this, or explain to him why it cannot be done.

Chad says:

I would like to share my story with you and ask for your assistance/guidance with what I might do next.

The weekend before Christmas my wife and I decided to put together a photo album of our children for my mother and grandmother on We thought it would be a nice gift and the snapfish shipping details said it was possible with 2 day shipping that it should be delivered before Christmas. The album for my mother was shipped out on Monday the 21st, delivered on Wednesday the 23rd, tears were shed(according to my step-dad), she loved it and has even taken it to work and church last week to show it off. Everyone was happy!

The album for my grandmother has taken a very different route.

Shipped on Dec 21st, arrived at local FedEx facility at 4:54PM on Dec 23rd. Had a delivery exception that it “arrived after courier dispatch.”

So far, I’m OK, even though a package I sent to my grandmother directly on the 21st didn’t have any issues getting delivered to her doorstep on the 23rd via USPS Priority Mail. There was awful weather that weekend, lots of snow on the ground, things may take a little longer. I was a little ticked off that something arriving at 4:54PM is too late to get on the next days truck, but for the most part I was kicking myself for waiting until the last minute. I thought, maybe they will still get it to her on the 24th, but I wasn’t holding my breath.

Album then sat at the facility until Monday the 28th when it was put on the vehicle for delivery. Monday night it returned to the facility. Me=?????

Tuesday the 29th, same thing, on the truck in the morning, returned to the facility that night. At this point I emailed FedEx asking what is going on. All I receive is an auto-reply that my question had been forwarded to the appropriate person and I should hear something soon.

Wednesday the 30th, same thing, on the truck in the morning, returned to the facility that night. I email FedEx again as I have not heard back from the first one and receive another auto-reply.

Thursday the 31st, SAME THING!!!! My wife calls FexEx customer service. The rep says “that’s weird” when she looks at the tracking. She had no idea why the album was pinballing around southern West Virginia for the last week but she would make a note and it would be investigated and someone would call us back.

Album then sat in the facility for another long weekend.

Monday, Jan 4th, THE SAME THING!!!!! Only this time there is a delivery exception “Local delivery restriction, delivery not attempted.” I don’t know what that exactly means other than my grandmother still has not gotten her Christmas present.

Today, Jan 5th, it is back on the truck for delivery and we are now on DAY 16 of a 2Day delivery!

We contacted snapfish last week to see it they could get some answers. They checked into it and responded the next day. They were very apologetic and credited the shipping cost, which I thought was very nice considering it wasn’t their fault. But snapfish couldn’t get any more information than we could.

I have never been a really big user of FedEx. I have always thought they were a little too expensive for normal shipping use but that was because you use then “when it absolutely, positively has to get there.” Not only have they not gotten my package where it needs to go I can’t even get an answer why. I still have not received a human response to either of the emails or the phone calls. I really don’t know what to do next, my attempts to go through FedEx get me the run around and promises of a response but no real answers.

We have some email addresses for a FedEx EECB (Executive Email Carpet Bomb.) Let us know if you score any direct hits.

Anyone know the magic words to say to FedEx to get results?

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