Man Spends $330K On In-Game Space Station

A man has forked over $330,000 real dollars on a space station in the video game Planet Calypso.

The purchase isn’t quite as stupid as it first appears because it’s a potential revenue generator. Joystiq writes:

he paid 3.3 million “Project Entropia Dollars” for the virtual real estate, and those PED were purchased with real dollars — 330k of them. What does he get for his money? The station is one of the nicer setups in the virtual universe, and since players pay PED to shop, hunt, and hang out there, “Erik” can set tax rates on the payments, and turn fake bucks back into real cash. We’re not sure how much real cash (depends on where he sets the rates, and that will affect the place’s popularity as well)

What’s the most money you’ve ever squandered on digital goodies?

Man buys virtual space station for 330k real dollars [Joystiq]

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