Want To Save Money? Don't Be A Woman

Not only are women paid less than men, but they have to pay more for lots of things, including clothes, haircuts and even soap.

Citing a Consumer Reports story that compares his and her products, MSN Money’s MP Dunleavey writes:

When you look at each product or service individually, the affront doesn’t appear so egregious. But it all adds up: a few bucks for alterations, a percentage point or two in mortgage interest, higher health care co-pays. Then consider that, on average, a woman still earns about 78 cents to a man’s dollar (or $78,000 compared with $100,000 paid to a male colleague with the same level of experience). And women with children are less likely to be hired and are offered lower salaries than are fathers or women without children, according to Stanford University researcher Shelley Correll.

So why are women being charged more? Ellen Galinsky, the president of Families and Work Institute, a nonprofit policy-research group in New York, speculates that companies play to female tastes because they are aware that women make most household consumer choices, “so it’s a way for them to increase their revenue.”

So, ladies, what budgeting moves do you make to you buck the system that conspires against you?

Why it costs more to be a woman [MSN Money]
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