Pizza Hut's $10 Offer Doesn't Include Stuffed Crust

Alisha was disappointed to find out Pizza Hut’s “Any Pizza, Any Crust, Any Size, Any Topping” for $10″ deal isn’t quite as all-encompassing as it promises.

She writes:

I was excited to get an email today from Pizza Hut claiming ANY pizza, ANY crust, ANY toppings for only 10 dollars! What a great deal! I wanted to order a stuffed crust pizza since they usually charge more and I never want to pay that fee. So I go to their website to order a couple of pizzas and this message pops up. (see attached photo) Even though they clearly state “any” and “every” pizza is just 10 dollars, a note at the bottom says “additional charge for stuffed crust pizza.” I was not a happy customer.

To recap: the $10 offer encompasses all pizzas, except for the ones it doesn’t.