Geek Squad Founder Wishes He Would Have 'Put Foot Down More'

In a 2008 interview Geek Squad CEO Robert Stephens said he had some regrets about the customer-unfriendly behemoth he created, he told Fortune Small Business in a story posted on CNNMoney.

Stephens says:

Compromise less. Speak up louder. Put my foot down more. Best Buy rolled out Geek Squad really rapidly, probably a bit too fast. Initially it sacrificed a bit of quality, but lately we’ve improved.

I forgave myself for when I let Best Buy skin our knees a bit – I don’t think that I could have persuaded them without letting them take us out for a test drive and scraping us up a bit. At least now we’re getting better at avoiding the scrapes.

Good to know Geek Squad was improved and that the quality issues were taken care of.

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(Thanks, Yuhong!)